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Joel Hall

Welcome. I'm Joel Hall, a computer scientist and author living in Houston, Texas. I write software and books. I also have a blog,, where you can find a variety of poetry, and commentary.

I'm Joel Hall. Born in Palestine, Texas, I am a 7th generation Texan. My great, great, great, great grandfather was Thomas Jefferson Rusk, one of the founders of Texas, I grew up in College Station, Texas and attended Texas A&M University. I have worked as a contractor at NASA, for IBM, Compaq Computer, G.E, several banks and several oil companies during my career. As a contractor, I tend to move around a lot. It has all been a great adventure.

Joel Hall's Background

Joel Hall's Experience

Senior Software Consultant at Bluware, Inc.

May 2010 - October 2011

Represent Bluware as an onsite consultant with Shell Intl. developing Petrel plugins for reservoir simulation.

Senior Software Developer at Merrill Lynch

August 2009 - May 2010

Develop and maintain a trading customer tracking tool.

Enterprise Architect at Marathon Oil Company

February 2008 - July 2009

Worked with team to reengineer the enterprise IT infrastructure and practices. Projects: Created the Common Operations Governance Guide which has now been adopted as company policy. Establishes framework for creating and sustaining technical standards groups across a given discipline within IT. Drove adoption of Microsoft Team Foundation Server as enterprise solution for development team activity management. Negotiated Site license for developer tools resulting in significant savings. Collaborated on effort to create the enterprise Common Operating Model.

Software Consultant at BP

January 2008 - February 2008

Brief contract position contributing to standard framework.

Software Consultant at Modis

January 2001 - November 2007

Assignments with Shell Oil and J.P. Morgan Chase. Both assignments involved .Net development in C#. J.P. Morgan Chase: - Develop an NT service to process flat, character delimited text files containing trade data from remote regions by applying dynamic rules encoded in an XML file based upon the originating reason and producing XML output packets placed upon an MQ for consumption by a JAVA server. The use of dynamic data transformation rules provided for ease of maintenance. - Redesign and implement the trade allocations form for existing GUI. Employed web services and XML dynamic configuration files. MVC and Passive View design patterns employed. Shell Oil: - Develop a remote viewing client and NT Service for an MFC desktop application to allow engineers to retrieve the results of long running simulations from the field via SOAP over http to avoid network security issues. All code in C#.

Software Consultant at JPMorgan Chase

2004 - 2007

Software Development Consultant at JPMorgan

2004 - 2007

Software Engineer at JP Morgan

2004 - 2007

Software Consultant at GE Healthcare

January 2000 - January 2001

On year contract to help complete a C++ GUI for a heart monitoring product. Primary responsibilities were: - refactor classes used to interface with various types of heart monitor cards in order to capture the real time data for display. - architect, design, and implement code to allow up to five remote workstations to retrieve and display data in near real time. - architect, design, and implement a database installation utility to allow creating and linking databases across a network from a single workstation.

Director of Quality Engineering at Scalable Software

October 1998 - December 1999

Create Quality Team for software development startup. Employ automated test tools. Develop custom DCOM based automated tools in C++.

Systems Engineer at Compaq

1989 - 1998

Systems Engineer involved in design, implementation, testing, and maintenance of microcomputer functionality and compatibility test software. Work involved application and device drive level development. Also heavily involved in establishing departmental standard user interface and programming conventions. Major Projects: Developed EISA bus test Collaborated on development of CPU cache test Designer of RAM test Collaborated on design and development of floppy controller test Collaborated on design and development of a multiprocessing kernel Designed and developed message based file and console services for test OS Collaborated on design of test OS text based windowing UI Lead designer of test executive for both proprietary and NT based test environments Created driver model for proprietary test OS Collaborated on design of a test development CASE tool using MS Visual Basic 4.0 Responsibilities also include project management, test hardware definition, and lab support for product development teams. Programming languages employed, in order of usage frequency, were C, MS Visual Basic, x86 assembly, and C++.

Software Engineer at IBM

January 1988 - January 1989

Duties included software maintenance and development using a multiphased software engineering approach. Languages employed in coding, in order of use, were C, REXX, and PL/I. Operating systems environment for development were IBM 370 VM and MSDOS.

Senior Software Consultant at DISYS

October 2011

Develop reservoir modeling applications for Exxon Mobil.

Senior Software Consultant at ExxonMobil

October 2011

Develop reservoir modeling applications.

Joel Hall's Education

Texas A&M University

1983 – 1987


Joel Hall's Interests & Activities

Computer Science, Physics, Transportation Systems, Energy Systems, Politics, Music, Children's Literature, and Spirituality

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